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 261 items found in T-CON BOARDS:

CPWBX4532TPZA SHARP CPWBX4532TPZA T-con Board Runtk4532tpza
Timing control module RUNTK4532TPZA Sharp part number NQP0000000077 Used with 60" panel LK600D3LA38
NEW - $19.99

RUNTK5246TPZZ SHARP RUNTK5246TPZZ T-con Board Cpwbx5246tpzz
Logic/Tiome control board Part numbers on the board: DUNTK5246TPZZ RUNTK5246TPZZ Made by Sharp.
NEW - $16.00

bn95-00571b SAMSUNG BN95-00571B T-con Board Bn41-01797a
Other board number: BN97-06363B Works with 46" Samsung LCD/LED panel LTJ460HN05-V
NEW - $13.95

BN95-00575A SAMSUNG BN95-00575A T-con Board Bn97-06367a
Logic/Control module Board numbers: BN97-06367A BN41-01788A Used with Samsung LTJ550HJ07-V 55" LCD panels.
NEW - $26.99

DUNTKF975FM14 SHARP DUNTKF975FM14 T-con Board F975m14
Other board numbers: DUNTKF975WE14(A) DUNTKF975WE14(B) E239218 QPWBXF975WJN1 QKITPF975WJN1 Used in 52" and 60" Sharp LCD/LED panels.
NEW - $44.99

RUNTK5261TPZH SHARP RUNTK5261TPZH T-con Board Runtk5261
Timing control module Used in 70" Vizio with Sharp LCD panels Substitute part numbers: RUNTK5261TPZC RUNTK5261TPZE RUNTK5261TPZZ RUNTK5261TPZG RUNTK5261TPZK RUNTK5261TPZJ RUNTK5261TPZN RUNTK5261TPZM RUNTK5261TPZA RUNTK5348TPZA RUNTK5348TPZZ RUNTK5348TPZB RUNTK5348TPZC
USED LIKE NEW - $35.00

35-D076641 SAMSUNG 35-D076641 T-con Board V320hj2-cpe2
Timing control module Board number V320HJ2-CPE2 Used with Samsung DE500BGM-B1 50" LCD panel
NEW - $12.00

35-D076982 SAMSUNG 35-D076982 T-con Board V546hk3-cps1
Timing control module Board numbers: V546HK3-CPS1 E88441 Samsung part number BN96-21637A
NEW - $23.95

55.55T02.C03 SAMSUNG 55.55T02.C03 T-con Board T650hvn02.2
Timing cotrol/ LCD controller module. Numbers on the board: T650HVN02.2 65T03-C01 BN41-XXXX Used with Samsung 55" panel DE440CGA-B1
NEW - $49.95

DUNTKF975FM20 SHARP DUNTKF975FM20 T Con Board Duntkf975we14
Timing control PCB Board numbers: DUNTKF975WE14/(A) QPWBXF975WJN1
USED LIKE NEW - $35.00

6871L-2979B LG ELECTRONICS 6871L-2979B T-con Board 6870c-0421a
Timing control/LCD controller board. Numbers on the board: 6870C-0421A Used with LG 55" LCD panels LA62M55T120V12
USED $16.99

DUNTKG400FM11 SHARP DUNTKG400FM11 T-con Board Qpwbxg400wjzz
for LC70UQ17U
USED LIKE NEW - $25.00

6871L-3659A LG ELECTRONICS 6871L-3659A T-con Board 6870c-0481a
Timing control module for LC470DUE-FGA4 LG LCD panel
USED $19.00

6871L-2981B LG ELECTRONICS 6871L-2981B T-con Board 6870c-0401c
Time Controil Module Board number 6870C-0401C Used with LG LC420DUN-SER2 42" LCD panels
USED $19.00

BN96-23773A AUO BN96-23773A T-con Board T320hvn02.0
Timing control module Board numbers: T320HVN02.0 55.37T11.C06 5537T11C06 32T26-C00
NEW - $15.00

BN96-30391B SAMSUNG BN96-30391B T-con Board 55.50t26.c03
Timing control module Board numbers: 55.50T26.C03 T500HVN09.1 50T26-C03
USED LIKE NEW - $29.95

LJ94-16584B SAMSUNG LJ94-16584B T-con Board S128cm4c4lv0.4
Timing control module Used with Samsung LTF460HJ05 46" LCD panel Substitute part numbers: BN96-16447A LJ94-15974F BN96-16448A BN95-00497B BN96-16491A BN95-00497A BN95-00498A LJ94-15891J BN95-00495A BN95-00498B LJ94-15856G LJ94-16587C BN95-00496B
USED LIKE NEW - $39.95

LJ94-02346D SAMSUNG LJ94-02346D T-con Board (timing Control) Frcm_tcon_v0.1
LCD control logic board Substitute Part Numbers: LJ94-02346M LJ94-02349C LJ94-02347F LJ94-02347D BN81-01702A BN81-02129A BN81-02452A LJ94-02346J LJ94-02347J LJ94-02346L LJ94-02346F LJ94-02346C BN81-01697A LJ94-02347K LJ94-02574D Fits Samsung LTF520HE01 52" LCD panel
USED - $42.00

35-D077053 SAMSUNG 35-D077053 T-con Board V546hk3-cps1
Timing control module Board number V546HK3-CPS1
NEW - $19.00

6871L-3702D LG ELECTRONICS 6871L-3702D T-con Board 6870c-0502c
Timing control module Board number 6870c-0502c Used with LG 49" LED panel LC490EQE-(XG)(F2)
USED $38.00


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