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 943 items found in POWER SUPPLIES:

EAY36768101 LG ELECTRONICS EAY36768101 Power Supply Board Eax37617601
Power suppy/back light inverter module assembly Board numbers: EAX37617601 LGLP32SLPV2 Substitute parts: CRB30595001 (LG refurb) EAY38239801 EBU39752201 EBR38799802 EAY37228901 CRB30595101 (LG refurb.) EBR38799801 EAY38637401 EAY38639701 EAY34795001 AGF34784001 EAY39025701
USED $19.95

NQP0000000006 SHARP NQP0000000006 Power Supply Board Ayp449901
Power Unit 3BS0012814 REV:1.0
NEW - $22.00

bn44-00498b SAMSUNG BN44-00498B Power Supply Board Pd46av1_chs
Power supply and LED driver board assembly. Module number - PD46AV1_CHS REV: 1.2 Input rating: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz., 2.5A Used in various Samsung 40"-46" LED TV models. Made by Hansol Technics.
NEW - $31.95

eay62609701 LG ELECTRONICS EAY62609701 Power Supply Board Eax64276501
Power module Sub part number CRB31287301 Numbers on the board: 3PAGC10073A-R PSPI-L103A EAX64276501
USED $64.90

N0AE5KK00002 PANASONIC N0AE5KK00002 Power Supply Board Mpf6913b
P board (power supply - SMPS) Other board numbers: MPF6913B PCPF0288 PCPF0294
NEW - $35.99

EAY62609801 LG ELECTRONICS EAY62609801 Power Supply, Ac/dc 3pagc10074a-r
Board number EAX64276701/11 Substitute part number CRB31287401
USED $35.00

EAY62810801 LG ELECTRONICS EAY62810801 Power Supply Board Eax64905501
Power unit Boiard numbers: EAX64905501 LGP4750-13PL2 WARNING! If TV has no backlight please check LED arrays first. It is very common to misdiagnose defective LED backlight as a power supply failure.
USED $29.95

EAY62769501 LG ELECTRONICS EAY62769501 Power Supply Board Eax64604501
Power unit SMPS Board numbers: EAX64604501 E301791 Sub part numbers: EBR75499502 CRB31287601 EAY62769507
USED $22.00

0500-0507-0790 VIZIO 0500-0507-0790 Power Supply Board Dps-321ap A
Board Numbers: DPS-321AP A DPS-321AP 2950253304 Sub part number 0500-0507-0790R
USED - $43.00

bn44-00499a SAMSUNG BN44-00499A Power Supply / Led Driver Pd55av1_chs
Power supply module and backlight LED drive board assembly. LED address PCB PD55AV1_CHS Board number E301536
USED LIKE NEW - $30.00

N0AE6KL00012 PANASONIC N0AE6KL00012 Power Supply Board Mpf6914
P board (main power module) SMPS Numbers MPF6914 and PCPF0290 are printed on the board.
NEW - $69.00

BN44-00510A SAMSUNG BN44-00510A Power Supply Board Pspf351501a
Board Numbers: SU10054-11051 P51FW_CSM PSPF351501A
NEW - $19.95

56.04198.051 VIZIO 56.04198.051 Power Supply Board B180-005
Power supply/backlight inverter module Input: 108-132V AC ~, 3.5A, 50-60Hz DC output: 3.3v 0.8A, 12V 2.8A AC output: VBL 95V 1.65A Board numbers: B180-005 4H.B1800.041/B
NEW - $23.95

bn44-00509a SAMSUNG BN44-00509A Power Supply Board P51hw_csm
Power module Board Numbers: BN44-00509A PSPF291501A P51HW_CSM REV1.1
NEW - $21.99

EAY60908801 LG ELECTRONICS EAY60908801 Power Supply Board
for 47LE8500 55LX6500 55LE5400
USED $35.00

A-1362-552-C SONY A-1362-552-C Gf2 Board (power Supply) 1-873-814-14
Power supply Module Board numbers: 1-873-814-14 A1362552C Substitute parts: A-1256-162-A A-1362-553-C
USED - $18.95

bn44-00500b SAMSUNG BN44-00500B Power Supply Board Pd60gv1_csm
Power supply/LED driver module Used with Samsung DE600CGS-V2 60" LED panels. Board bumber PD60GV1_CSM
NEW - $32.95

EAY62169801 LG ELECTRONICS EAY62169801 Power Supply Board Eax62865401/8
Power supply board assembly LGP4247-11SLPB Substitute part number CRB30914601 (factory refurb)
USED $44.00

ETX2MM747AFF PANASONIC ETX2MM747AFF Power Supply Board Npx747af-1a
Power supply board "P" NPX747AF-1A
USED - $73.99

EAY60869001 LG ELECTRONICS EAY60869001 Power Supply Board B129069001
Sub part number CRB30914601 (factory refurbished)
USED $25.95


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