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 25 items found from AUO brand:

73.55t02.002-1-dx1 AUO 73.55T02.002-1-DX1 Led Backlight Strip For 55" Panel
Used with AU Optronics T550HVN1.5 LED panel. Numbers on the heat sink: 73.55T02.002-1-DX1
USED - $75.00

55.55T03.D01 AUO 55.55T03.D01 Led Driver 55t03-d00
LED Backlight driver board. Board numbers: 55T03-D00 T550HVD02.2 Used with AU Optronics T550HVN01.5 55" LED panel.
USED LIKE NEW - $18.00

BN96-23773A AUO BN96-23773A T-con Board T320hvn02.0
Timing control module Board numbers: T320HVN02.0 55.37T11.C06 5537T11C06 32T26-C00
NEW - $15.00

T460HW03V.F AUO T460HW03V.F 46" Lcd Panel T460hw03
Complete LCD panrel assembly Includes T-con and inverter boards. Panel sticker number T460HW03 V.F Made by AU Optronics
USED - $65.00

BN96-22427A AUO BN96-22427A T-con Board T550hvn01.6
Timing control module Board numbers: T550HVN01.6 55T02-C06 Used with Samsung DE650CGA-V1 65" LCD/LED panel
NEW - $35.00

55.64S03.CE0 AUO 55.64S03.CE0 T-con Board T650hvj02.0
Board number 65T09-C00 Made by AUO

55.46T02.023 AUO 55.46T02.023 T-con Board T460hw02
LCD timing control module Board numbers: T460HW02 V0 06A83-1A Substitute parts: 55.46T02.010 55.46T02.C01 55.46T02.004 55.46T02.016 Used with T460HW04 V.0 46" LCD panel
USED - $68.00

55.46T02.C01 AUO 55.46T02.C01 T-con Board T460w02 V0
Timing control module Board numbers: T460W02 V0 06A83-1A 5546T02C01
USED - $68.00

55.50T05.C02 AUO 55.50T05.C02 T-con Board T500hvn01.0
Timing control module Board numbers: T500HVN01.0 50T03-C0A Used with LG T500HVN02.1 50" LED panel
NEW - $25.00

55.50T10.C01 AUO 55.50T10.C01 T-con Board T500hvd02.0
Timing control unit Board numbers: T500HVD02.0 50T10-C02
USED LIKE NEW - $15.99

55.55T02.C06 AUO 55.55T02.C06 T-con Board 42t24-c09
Board numbers: 42T24-C09 T420HVD01.3 CTRL BD Used with AU Optronics T550HVN01.5 55" LED Panels
NEW - $18.00

19.26006.149 AUO 19.26006.149 Backlight Inverter 4h.v1448.291
Board number 4H.V1448.291/B1 Used with 32" LCD panels: T315XW01 V.5 T315XW02
Out of Stock

19.26006.301 AUO 19.26006.301 Lcd Backlight Inverter Rev:0 For 32" Screen
Board numbers: VIT79001.52 250000010500 E157925 Panel Number: T315XW01 V.C Made by AUO used in different brands LCD 32" televisions.
Out of Stock

19.26006.392 AUO 19.26006.392 Backlight Inverter, Master 4h.v2358.071/a
Darfon Inverter Board numbers: 4H.V2358.071/A 0940-0000-2070 0940-0000-2070R
Out of Stock

19.26006.393 AUO 19.26006.393 Backlight Inverter, Slave 4h.v2358.081
Darfon backlight Inverter, Slave Board numbers: 4H.V2358.081 0940-0000-2080 0940-0000-2080R Used with 46" LCD panels: T460HW02 V1 T460HW02 V.5
Out of Stock

19.26006.413 AUO 19.26006.413 Backlight Inverter Slave Rev:3
Slave LCD backlight inverter board Other numbers on the board: VIT71053.51 L8-1926006413-86N-8860110-44627-04 Revision 3. Panel number: T420HW01 V.2
Out of Stock

19.26006.414 AUO 19.26006.414 Backlight Inverter Master Rev:3
LCD backlight inverter board - Master VIT71053.50 L8-1926006414-86N-8860109-44627-04 Fits T420HW01 V.2 42" LCD panel
Out of Stock

19.31T09.003 AUO 19.31T09.003 Backlight Inverter Board Rev:2
LCD backlight inverter board, made by AUO. Board numbers: VIT71884.00 REV:2 VIT71884.10 LS-1931T08001-9CE-89C0204-26740-02 Fits 32" panel T315HW04 V.4
Out of Stock

19.54T01.006 AUO 19.54T01.006 Backlight Inverter Master2 Rev:6
Board numbers: VIT71881.00 REV:6 LS-1954T01006-038-8030104-14896-09 Fits panel T546HW01 V.1
Out of Stock

T420HW07 AUO T420HW07 42" Led Panel Assembly
Complete panel assembly with backlight and T-con board
Out of Stock


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