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TELKOM-TELMOR ASR PREMU Amplified outdoor over-the-air HDTV antenna. Free HDTV.

  Telkom-Telmor ASR PREMU
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Product Number: ASR PREMU (SKU: 32061)
Manufacturer: TELKOM-TELMOR
Category: Antennas
Price: $199.00
This product is out of Stock

ASR premu is a modern outdoor Broadband Antenna dedicated to receive free HDTV signals of the digital television ATSC/8VSB. This antenna can receive signals from multiple towers that don’t have to be align to the reception point (which is your house) and has a beam width of about 45 degrees (wide band reception). This will give you an ultimate HDTV Antenna that can do it all without need for additional antennas.

The LTE PROTECTED version includes implemented, much expanded band-pass filtration, which eliminates the interfering out-of-band signals (LTE 800, CDMA 450, GSM 1800 etc.). The above-mentioned out-of-band signals (particularly those coming from the local modems and cell phone towers), may result in over steering of the preliminary amplifiers and other active components. By the use of ASR LTE PROTECTED antenna we protect the ATSC signal against influence of those signals.

This antenna has large HDTV signal power gain and built-in ultra-low-noise preamplifier that may be powered by means of voltage of the broad range 5-24V. Low level of internal noises of the first stage of gain is very essential for acquisition of a very good quality HDTV signal (large gap between the signal/noise).

The product is assembled and ready to receive free HDTV stations. Preparation of the antenna to installation only requires slight turning of the side knobs and after having spread „the wings” of reflectors, retightening them. It is recommended to istall this antenna at the highest possible point - 10ft mast on the roof of house is ideal.

This antenna also receives signals from the VHF band, which is intended for the requirements of the diffusion of the digital radio signal DAB (digital audio broadcasting) in the future. Hence it will be possible to receive the DAB signal without the necessity to assemble additional antenna.

This HDTV antenn was designed in Europe, assembled in USA.

What's included in the package:
1.Broadband HDTV antenna
2. User manual. Click here to download.
3. Power supply and ZZA-7 antenna combiner
4. Twist-on F-RG6 connector (with a gasket) – 1 pc.

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