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2012SVS60-left08 SAMSUNG 2012SVS60-LEFT08 Led Backlight Strip 2012svs60 Left 08
Single LED backlight strip, numbers on the board: 2012SVS60 Left08 REV1.1 120410 Used with Samsung DE600CGS-V2 60" Led panels
NEW - $19.00

akb73615316 LG ELECTRONICS AKB73615316 Remote Control Akb73615316
Remote controller. Batteries not included. Fits multiple LG TV models.
USED $9.99

BN96-22110A SAMSUNG BN96-22110A Y Scan Drive Lj92-01871a
Upper/lower (single unit) Y scan drive assembly Board numbers: LJ92-01871A LJ41-10172A Used with samsung S51FH-YB01 and S51FH-YD01 51" Plasma Panels
NEW - $15.00

RP-E022 GENERIC RP-E022 Lamp E022 132/150w
High Quality generic bulb, fits following lamp assemblies: 915P027010 915P049010 915P049A10 BP47-00023A (E22h either 120-132W or 132-150W) LAMP-5 or LAMP-10 BP96-01099A (E22h either 120-132W or 132-150W) LAMP-5 or LAMP-10 BP96-01472A (E22h either 120-132W or 132-150W) LAMP-5 or LAMP-10 BP9
NEW - $35.00

L6FAYYYH0050 PANASONIC L6FAYYYH0050 Cooling Fan 12v Dc
fan assembly 3110RL-04W-S19, 010A Made by NMB-MAT
USED - $11.95

DC fan assembly
USED - $12.00

EBR73749601 LG ELECTRONICS EBR73749601 Control Board Eax64290701
Control/logic board 50R4_60R4_CTRL EAX64290701 Substitute part# CRB33384101
USED $12.99

bn96-24574a SAMSUNG BN96-24574A Main Board Bn41-01799b
Substitute Parts: BN94-04343K BN96-20965A BN94-06039C Used with Samsung Plasma panels: S51FH-YD01 S51FH-YB01 HDMI Inputs Digital Tuner USB Port Optical Audio Output
NEW - $54.00

CPWBX4532TPZA SHARP CPWBX4532TPZA T-con Board Runtk4532tpza
Timing control module RUNTK4532TPZA Sharp part number NQP0000000077 Used with 60" panel LK600D3LA38
NEW - $19.99

NQP0000000094 SHARP NQP0000000094 Main Board 1a2c0525
Substitute part number NQP0000000029 Board numbers: 1A2C0525 899-M00-40N0 T.RSC8.10A 11153 Digital tuner HDMI inputs RGB input USB port Digital Audio Coaxial port Used with Sharp LK600D3LA38 60" panel
NEW - $55.00

BN59-01174A SAMSUNG BN59-01174A Wi-fi Module Widt30q
Wireless module Model number WIDT30Q FCCID A3LWIDT30Q
USED LIKE NEW - $11.95

NQP0000000006 SHARP NQP0000000006 Power Supply Board Ayp449901
Power Unit 3BS0012814 REV:1.0
NEW - $22.00

EBR73710601 LG ELECTRONICS EBR73710601 Y Drive Upper Eax64297301
Board numbers EAX64297301, 60R4_YDT Ypper Y scan drive YDRVTP. Sub part# CRB33407101
USED $16.95

EBR73731801 LG ELECTRONICS EBR73731801 Y Drive Lower Eax64279601
Lower y scan driver 60R4_YDB Board number EAX64279601, YDRVBT
USED $17.00

6916L-1176A LG ELECTRONICS 6916L-1176A Led Backlight Strip L1
Single LED backlight strip L1 Used with LG panel LC470DUG-JFR1
USED $22.00

bn94-05848b SAMSUNG BN94-05848B Main Board Bn41-01876b
Board Number: BN97-05375B BN41-01876A HDMI Input A/V analog inputs Digital Tuner USB port
NEW - $22.00

4581EL2002C LG ELECTRONICS 4581EL2002C Roller Assembly
Replaces following part numbers: 4581EL2002B 4581EL2002D 4581EL2002E
USED $29.00

EAY62609801 LG ELECTRONICS EAY62609801 Power Supply, Ac/dc 3pagc10074a-r
Board number EAX64276701/11 Substitute part number CRB31287401
USED $38.00

bn44-00498b SAMSUNG BN44-00498B Power Supply Board Pd46av1_chs
Power supply and LED driver board assembly. Module number - PD46AV1_CHS REV: 1.2 Input rating: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz., 2.5A Used in various Samsung 40"-46" LED TV models. Made by Hansol Technics.
NEW - $31.95

RRMCGB004WJSA SHARP RRMCGB004WJSA Remote Controller Gb004wjsa
Original Sharp remote control. Substitute Part number OARC04G
NEW - $10.00


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